Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Life's Greatest Questions... Answered.

Where did we come from?

Why are we here?

What is the purpose of life?

What awaits us in the hereafter?

     These are the questions that have occupied the time and attention of  philosophers since the earliest eras of mankind's presence on Earth. They are the definitive questions of mortality, and the way we answer them will drastically influence the course of our eternal destinies.

     Though finding these answers can prove to be a daunting task, it can be a great relief to understand that God has never intended for these questions to be left unanswered. In fact it is His greatest desire that the answers will be made known to every nation, kindred, and tongue (Revelation 14:6).

     God has made these answers available to us though the Bible and the Book of Mormon. These Holy Scriptures are replete with fragments of doctrine that illustrate God's expectations for our progression. If these fragments are sought out and collectively compiled, you will find that an ingenious plan begins to unfold. A plan devised by deity, approved by angelic masses, and enabled by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

     That plan is God's plan for us. It is God's plan for you. And for all intents and purposes, it will hereafter be referred to as The Plan of Salvation. 

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     Over the course of the next several blog posts, we will explore this plan in a step by step process. You will begin to find a greater sense of purpose and identity than you have ever known thus far as you begin to see how the Plan of Salvation maps your course through life and the eternities hereafter.

As a Map:

     I here bear my personal testimony of the Plan of Salvation. When properly applied, I've found that the Plan of Salvation  functions much in the same ways, in purpose and practicality, as a map. To some, it may seem like the most attempt God ever made at providing us with a map is little more than plotting out an X on a blank piece of paper, calling it Heaven, and commanding us to find it.We can now confidently understand that this is not the case. With the aid of the Plan of Salvation, we can see that there is indeed such a place as heaven, and why it should be our ultimate goal to reach it, but not only can we see the X on the paper, but also the road that leads to it. We can see the various stops and detours along the way. We can anticipate the curves in the road and navigate them with greater ease. We can evaluate where we are right now in our own personal progress. We can look back, and see the distance we've already traveled. We can look forward, and see the spans that still lay ahead.

     Perhaps most importantly though, we can rest assured that the Celestial Kingdom of Heaven is not out of our reach. So long as we're traveling the right road, Heaven awaits our arrival. And as we stay on the right road, we are traveling closer to our reward with each passing second.

     There is a law to roads. No two men can travel the same road and end up at different destinations. There is a road to heaven, and several divergent roads that will lead elsewhere. The choice of which road to take is ultimately up to the traveler.

     And when two roads diverge, it may be in the traveler's best interest to know what lies ahead.


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